Welcome Mortal!

It seems to me that you’ve stumbled upon one of the many archives of the Slate and the Abyss.

What’s the Abyss?

The home of the Abyss Walkers, hypocrisies who seek to undo creation, and the graveyard in which they store universes they feast upon.

What’s the Slate?

The home of the Makers, hypocrisies who seek to make sense of themselves, and the cradle in which all of creation is stored.

This archive is mainly centered around a period of time (which is a term that doesn’t really make sense with the way time often works) in which the Abyss Walkers tried in mass to destroy creation. The first period of time this occurred to be exact.

I am Thomas Loud, one of the many Vouyers who watch over and archive the mortals who inhabit both the Abyss and Slate, and it was up to me to record most of what happened during this “time”. I have dubbed it-

Deluge of the Abyss

I hope to teach you of the many happenings that went on during this relatively brief stretch of history, and I also hope that you find this information useful in some form or shape.

But I must warn you ahead of time. Many of these events are graphic in nature and the beings involved often spoke strongly and without filter. Events I record are also known to be rather disturbing and upsetting to some.

You have been warned.

As of right now, I am only moving a single of my recorded events into this archive. I dubbed it Battle is an Art.

With that said, I’ll leave you to it.

May your Presence be vast and your Will heavy.